About Pure Harmony Equine

Established in 2015 Pure Harmony Equines' mission is to bring high quality tailored tack to riders who care about their horses' comfort and performance. Pure Harmony Equine creates a truly customized experience where the rider is able to select every part of their bridle in order for them to have exactly what they need and want. For an even more tailored experience, Pure Harmony Equine will custom fit bridles for your horse upon request.

About Lisa Updike

The tack and other items started with a chance meeting of Rishabh Sharma (he trained in Walsall, England) at an HM Saddles saddle fit course in Northern England in February of 2015. We then traveled together to Heather Moffett’s East Leigh Farm in the Devon area of England. We discussed Rish’s beautiful tack and how to bring it to the US. I imported my first order later that year. I added my first sponsored rider soon after my first order arrived. Katy Robinson (formally Groesbeck), an eventing rider, has been a good friend for many years so it was a natural addition. 

I made a trip to visit the manufacturing factory in November of 2016. I was able to see the lovely facility, meet the workers and work on designs. I continue to be involved in product design, along with consultation with Katy and others. Additional tack items, purses, and bags have been added. We are constantly working on new designs and coming up with new ideas. 

Since I have no storefront and no employees, I am able to keep prices surprisingly affordable in comparison to the high quality of the tack. I enjoy working with my customers to ensure a perfect fit for every purchase and love receiving feedback on how the tack continues to perform. 

Lisa Updike

Customized and Tailored Tack For You and Your Horse