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The HM FlexEE Finale is a high-quality saddle at an amazing price! It is built on a leather ‘tree’, a very old method of making a flexible saddle. The FlexEE Finale, as with all Heather Moffett saddles, is ergonomically designed to allow the rider, even a total beginner, to sit in the correct ear/shoulder/hip/heel alignment with ease. The Finale is made with the finest soft European hide and the panels are flocked with pure Jacob’s wool. The price is £849 and each saddle comes with a full set of gullet plates.

The FlexEE is a hand-made saddle, including the leather tree. Unlike a ready-made wooden or plastic tree, the leather tree takes up half the manufacturing time to make, so adds considerably to the saddlers time taken to make a saddle from start to finish. A leather tree also takes more skill to incorporate into a saddle, as unlike wood or plastic which is solid, leather being flexible, moves the whole time the saddle is being made, adding greatly to the difficulty. The lead time can also vary as we are sometimes waiting on materials imported from the UK which can get held up in customs either end. We hope that you will bear with us, as our manufacturer and ourselves, can only do our best in the face of import and export challenges, and that occasionally lead times will be extended in the case of such events.

Finest quality European soft hide leather outer, synthetic inner flaps (Standard model) or Deluxe model in all soft hide
Fully flexible leather-tree
Comes with full set of interchangeable gullet plates and can even be used without
Flocked pure Jacob’s wool serge panels
Comfort for both horse and rider
Sizes 15-18″
Comes in Dressage, VSD and GP
Black or Havana
Finale Pro style – soft velcro knee pads on the outer flaps, to attach FlexEE knee blocks or Vogue knee blocks, at no extra cost*  (Only available on the Deluxe model)

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Black 15" Dressage, Black 16" Dressage, Black 17" Dressage, Black 18" Dressage, Brown 15" Dressage, Brown 16" Dressage, Brown 17" Dressage, Brown 18" Dressage, Basic Black 15" VSD, Basic Black 16" VSD, Black 17" VSD, Black 18" VSD, Brown 15" VSD, Brown 16" VSD, Brown 17" VSD, Brown 18" VSD, Black 15" GP, Black 16" GP, Black 17" GP, Black 18" GP, Brown 15" GP, Brown 16" GP, Brown 17" GP, Brown 18" GP


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