Pure Harmony Rubber Reins



5/8” wide rubber rein with sewn leather rein stops. Available in black and havana, buckle center in regular 55″ length.

Other options available by special order: length, leather color, rubber color, hardware, etc.

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Black, Havana

Reins Length

Full Regular 56", Cob 52", Pony 49"

1 review for Pure Harmony Rubber Reins

  1. Claire Porter (verified owner)

    Alright. These reins are perfect. I can not stand when rubber reins are so thick that they can’t bend in half. I also hate when they are so thin they feel like they are melting in your hand. I like there to feel like there is substance in the reins. Honestly, at first I was skeptical about the itty bitty dots, I’m used to reins with slightly bigger dots. I am now an itty bitty dot convert! They don’t tear up my hands when I forget gloves. They give me grip in the rein (without gloves!). They also don’t melt in the Arkansas heat like many other rubber reins do.
    Onto the leather. Y’ALL. This stuff is nice. I would easily value these reins at $100. The leather is sturdy but not stiff. Smooth, but not plastic feeling. They take Lederbalsam fabulously and don’t stretch at all. The Italian leather feels great. It is definitely better than Prestige’s leather, that stuff really stretches and isn’t as durable.
    The stitching is very even and neat. It is tight with no loose ends.
    All of the keepers fit perfectly. I love my reins!

    • Pure Harmony Equine

      I am glad the reins are working so well for you.

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