Custom Bridle Fit



Remote or on-site custom bridle fitting/consult.

This fee includes consulting on fit of current bridle, assessing any fit issues and suggested changes, custom fitting new bridle with provided measurements and pictures, consulting on fitting new bridle once received and making any needed exchanges of pieces to make a perfect fit.

Please measure on the underside of a bridle that fits with the bit typically used  or make adjustments to the measurements. For best results, DO NOT measure on the horse’s head.  I find it easiest to sit down with the bridle in my lap.
List of Needed Measurements:

1.  Bit end of cheek up over crown to bit end of cheek

2.  Throatlatch:  all the way around over crown.

3.  Browband: straight across end to end, do not include any drop, dip or v.

4.  Split in crown (or bottom edge of browband) up over crown to split in crown(or bottom edge of browband).

5.  Noseband:   measure from front edge of buckle to hole typically used, or inside of noseband.

6.  Noseband Height:  measure from the bottom of the browband to top edge of noseband.


Send pictures of current bridle if possible with notes if you adjusted measurements from that bridle.


Fitting Process:

I start with determining the size crown the horse needs as most of the other pieces will be impacted by the crown size.  The shaped ear area and the strap splits need to lie in a spot that allows the browband to sit below the ears.  The bottom edge of the browband should sit right at the strap split and sit against the forehead, not snug nor loose.   The strap splits need to be low enough to allow the browband to not pull the crown forward, but not too low that the browband looks sloppy.  Once the crown and browband size is determined, the cheek piece is fit.  The usual bit the horse uses should be used to fit this and the buckle should be approximately lined up with the eye.  I generally fit to the middle buckle hole or a bit higher when doing remote fittings.  The noseband sizing should be adjusted to a middle hole setting and the buckle adjustment for height should also line up with the eye.  The final piece is the throatlatch and it should be adjusted so it is not snug when the horse is flexed vertically.
This fee is NON REFUNDABLE as the fee is for the consult of fitting the bridle and advising on any fit issues of the current and future bridles.  This fee is charged per horse/bit combo at full price for first bridle and is discounted by 50% for each additional bridle purchased for same horse/bit combo.  You will be charged the full $30 price for each bridle to be custom fit, but 50% refund will be issued for anything more than 1 bridle purchased.


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