Pure Harmony Cindy Figure 8 Padded Raised Fancy Stitch Bridle


Padded shaped monocrown with padded raised fancy stitch browband and figure 8 noseband.


Elegant padded square raised fancy stitch browband and fleece noseband bridle. Choice of shaped padded monocrown(allows space for ears) or padded ergo crown with noseband strap threaded over the top of the crown, both crowns are designed with the comfort of the horse in mind. Available in Havana or Australian Nut sizes Pony, Cob, Full and Extra Full.

Remote Custom Fitting Available for $30. Add this option and a list of required measurements will be sent.

Other options available by special order: size, leather color, hardware, buckle bit ends, other crowns, without fancy stitch, without sheepskin etc.

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Havana, Australian Nut


Pony, Cob, Full, Extra Full


Clearance 40% off, NO RETURNS/REFUNDS., Full Price, Returns Allowed

2 reviews for Pure Harmony Cindy Figure 8 Padded Raised Fancy Stitch Bridle

  1. Claire Porter (verified owner)

    I had been looking for a new Figure 8 bridle for a while. I eventually came upon PHE during my searches. The first thing that drew me in was the fabulous customer service. I had so many questions and requirements (and a budget) so Lisa just called me and helped me figure everything out.

    I wanted a bridle with a shaped crown, a fluffy centerpiece, fancy stitching, a padded browband and face pieces, dark havana coloring, rubber reins, and it had to be nice with durable leather. Here’s the kicker. My budget was $250 for a new bridle with reins. I thought I’d have to search for a used bridle because of my super high standards. High standards that don’t (usually) match my budget.

    The customer service is fantastic. I mean, it is amazing. I emailed Lisa and within the day she called me and helped me find the perfect bridle for Sunny, my delicate faced OTTB. I had a pretty small budget for a new bridle and very high standards. I’m a nice leather snob, what can I say. I told Lisa the bridle needed to be within my budget and needed to fit Sunny’s weird head. I told her his measurements and she went and measured each part of the bridle in cob and horse size for me to ensure it would fit. Sunny also has very sensitive ears and she helped me decide what crownpiece would work best. She even offered to switch it out to a different one for free! I decided on the standard cutback crown.

    I also wanted to know the deets on the leather quality. I didn’t want it to be over hyped, I wanted it straight to the point. And that’s what I got. She said the leather is super soft but not stretchy like Vespucci. It doesn’t have a tendency to stretch as long as it isn’t drenched in oil. Cool, I refuse to oil any of my leather anyways. It is Italian leather but the tack is made in the India. Don’t freak out though! It is made using English machinery and principles. I liked that because tack made like that is very workmanlike, but it has the beauty and glow of Italian leather.

    The shipping was FAST. I mean it was practically immediate. I got the bridle in 3 days. THREE.

    When I opened the box it was packed beautifully. Everything was protected with brown paper and the price tag was tied on with some cute twine. It’s the little things. I could immediately smell the scent of fancy leather. Not chemically at all, just nice leather. I touched the bridle and the angels were singing. The reins were perfect. The sheepskin was mattes quality, not rough american stuff. The padding was scrumptious but not bulky. It was soft but not floppy. I could tell it’s going to last. The first thing I did (after texting my entire list of horsey contacts and checking measurements, they were perfect) was give it a nice cleaning with Leder Combi to remove any residue from the tanning process. Then I really got to work with Leder Balsam, bending the straps in every direction and working the product in with my warm hands. It absorbed everything very evenly and didn’t darken at all. It didn’t take much before I thought it was ready to bring to the barn. It honestly fit better than the last one. The proportions were just right, the ear cut outs in just the right places. Everything fit with at least an extra hole for adjustments. And the keepers also fit perfectly. Keepers not fitting is my biggest pet peeve. It enrages me. If the keepers don’t fit the bridle looks messy.

    After using it a few times I really believe Sunny liked it more than the last one. He is less resistant to me putting it over his poll. I think this is because there is zero pressure on his ears. It was just right. I have had this bridle for about a month now and used it about 15 times, giving it a thorough cleaning after each ride and a conditioning every week. I will condition it ~one time monthly once it is totally broken in. It is definitely getting very close. I personally don’t like my tack to break in after one use because it doesn’t seem to last as long. The way it breaks in is really nice. It doesn’t feel waxy or tacky after a conditioning because the leather actually absorbs it, the conditioner doesn’t just sit there.

    Now, onto the quality. It is nicer than my $350 Schockemohle. Beats my friends Prestige. Beats my fellow boarder’s equiline. On par with the super high end Nunn Finer Italian stuff. You know, like the Caterina ($350) and that excludes reins. This bridle feels like it is worth at least $275, for just the bridle.

    So yeah. It has definitely exceeded my expectations. Only issue is, now I want the polo breastplate for dressage, the three point with custom elastic in black and light blue (look at all of those choices!!!), the fancy stitch halter, and the flat reins with stops for dressage.

    • Pure Harmony Equine

      I am so happy that everything fits and is exceeding your expectations.

  2. Jennifer Oettle

    I was delighted to find these quality bridles at Horse Expo a few years back. Our Irish Sporthorse eventing mare has a difficult to fit head, but we got a great fit with the custom sizing (cob noseband, full headstall). The leather is supple and has held up well for several years. The price is so good, I have one just for shows and a few for schooling.

    • Pure Harmony Equine

      I am glad you found me. I enjoy working with you to keep your horse happy in her tack.

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